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Jaime Maristany Libros sobre Management y RRHH Jaime Maristany Libros sobre Management y RRHH
Jaime Maristany Libros sobre Management y RRHH

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Jaime Maristany Libros sobre Management y RRHH

Three daughters
Three sons-in law
Seven grand children

20 books published on Management and Human Resources
3 essays published
3 books on tales
18 papers
More than 200 articles published in newspaper and magazines

Prize “Executive of the year” (1983)
Prize of the National Academy of Entrepreneurial Sciences to the book “The management of reality” (2001)

Has been professor at the University of Buenos Aires (Economics College, College of Laws, Social Sciences College), University of the Enterprise (UADE), University of Social Sciences, University of Belgrano, University of the Center, and has been Director of the Human Resources Career and of the Human Resources Master at the University of Social Sciences (UCES).

Has been jury for the election of University professors at several Universities.
Has been organizer or panelist in 54 Congresses about Management, Human Resources and Psychology.
Has been founder of the Association of Human Resources Directors and Member of Honor of the Training Argentine Association. Has been Director of the Human Resources chapter of IDEA (Argentine Institute for Executives Development)

Consultant in Management and Human Resources.
Has been Human Resources and Institutional Director of Union Carbide Argentina and Eveready Argentina.

More references in “Google” “Jaime Maristany”.

I will appreciate very much your comments and suggestions. You can use the “Contacts” or my mail jmo@jaimemaristany.com.ar.

Titles of books published:

Career planning
Recruitment and personnel development
Job evaluation and salary administration
Man, Company and Society
Beyond the brise
The tale of Juan Sourron
Man and Company are they compatible?
The men in the way
Natural management
Argentine deconstructed
Management effective
Human resources manual
The Union Carbide case
Crisis management
Action towards change
The idiotic act
The management of resources
Let’s talk about the woman
Human resources administration
Foundation and grow of Small and Median Enterprises
Human Resources Administration 2
How to get power
The essence of management: mistakes and failures to avoid

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